Lead Generation Technology & Analysis Tools

We have been an industry leader in the Lead Generation space since 2006. In that time we have developed a testing and analysis strategy that sets us apart from our competitors. We focus on high quality traffic sources, analyze traffic in real time, optimize the user experience, and turn work around quickly in order to generate higher quality leads.


Our testing goes beyond A/B testing copy or images; we run a variety of multi-variate tests on landing pages and form flows to analyze keyword performance and better understand user intention. Our testing is part of our ongoing effort to improve your ROI by connecting you with the most qualified leads. Using our custom-designed system, you pick and choose the media mix to suit your needs, focusing your efforts on quality leads that convert. We work directly with you to improve your targeting on leads that convert, rather than wasting money on campaigns that aren’t generating quality leads.


Our commitment to analytics is the backbone of our success. By closely examining user behavior and through A/B testing, we are able to better understand leads and their expectations. We use a variety of tools and services in analyzing lead behavior including gathering data via Google Analytics, A/B testing with Optimizely, examining user behavior analysis with Mixpanel, and click heat-mapping with CrazyEgg. We analyze this data, and work closely with you to determine your product and market, figuring how to best target the most qualified leads.


As your needs change, we adjust your campaigns to make sure that you are still targeting the leads you want and need. We target leads by location, industry, age, gender, and more, as well as any combination of these variables. We are granular with our targeting so you can be confident that you are getting quality leads that match exactly what you are looking for.