Media Services

Our media and creative teams work together seamlessly to create cohesive campaigns structured to meet your needs. We can custom design a media campaign designed to reach your demographics at a cost you are comfortable with, and have the creative talent to make engaging ads and forms. Once your campaign is up and running, we give you the tools to measure traffic and conversions while we work to optimize user experience.


Search marketing is the central focus of our media plans. Our paid search campaigns are often utilized as the first point of entry with a potential lead. Our media buys are tailored to your chosen metrics, and you buy only what fits your needs. Our SEM team works with you to pick and choose the media mix that best serves your business, creating a focused plan that saves you thousands of dollars a year.


In addition to our own paid SEM, we take on the role of a search marketing agency, managing search campaigns for clients. We determine what metrics are important to you as a client, and develop cohesive search campaigns to increase your business. Our team is responsive and our methods are transparent; we work closely with you to ensure your business priorities are met and all campaigns are compliant. We make adjustments quickly to manage your media spend and optimize for the best ROI.


Our experienced team of designers, developers, and copywriters can customize and optimize campaigns that will engage users, increase conversions and lead quality, and deliver qualified leads. Working alongside our media team, our creative department develops lead generation campaigns that are smart, clear, engaging, and compliant. We continually develop for new and emerging platforms; we create and maintain full sites, form flows, landing pages, and banner ads, constantly testing and improving them to increase user interaction.


With people spending more time on social media channels like Facebook, social media buys are a popular and effective way to reach qualified leads. Leads are pre-qualified by their interests, “likes”, and fan pages allowing us to serve them with focused landing pages. We deliver direct and indirect leads by using custom Facebook apps, display advertising, news feed targeting, and fan pages. Our Facebook search campaigns have a proven track record of performance for our partners, delivering high quality leads and a competitive take rate.


Our call outreach efforts are utilized as a secondary point of contact with potential leads, allowing you to connect with students directly with minimal lag time after lead completion. During the application process, many users want to speak with a representative to clear up information about services provided, programs offered, or the next step in the sign-up process. Call outreach provides potential leads a more personal experience, while also allowing you to control the information provided to the lead.